Measuring Your Space

It’s Easy!

Kabinet House will measure your kitchen for you at no extra charge, but if you want to plan ahead and budget for your project, just follow these easy steps:

1. First, measure and draw an outline of the room you want to renovate
2. Measure the ceiling height and add this to your diagram
3. Measure and note all wall lengths – make sure to place measurements on the diagram so they correspond with the walls of your room
4. Check to make sure your corners are square at the floor, base and wall cabinet levels to determine if you will have any issues during installation. To check that your corners are square:
• Mark a point 3′ straight out from the corner of one wall
• Mark a point 4′ straight out from the corner of the adjacent wall
• Measure the distance between the two marked points, if the distance is 5 feet, the corner is square (If your walls are not square, don’t worry, a Kabinet House installer can work around any issues)
5. Measure and note the location of obstacles along each wall, recording their height, width and depth from outside edge to outside edge (Include doors, windows and pipe chases)
6. Record the height from finished floor for items like windows, outlets, and vents
7. Record measurements of any free-standing furniture pieces or appliances that will remain in the room

Always make sure that you…

• Have an electrician check to make sure your panel can handle any changes to appliance placement
• If attic or basement walls will be affected by the renovation, make sure any plumbing or venting changes are identified and verified
• Pay close attention to light fixtures, windows, doors and other obstacles to make sure they will not interfere with your new cabinets
• Take photos of your space for your designer and include these with your measurements