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No matter what look you’re going for, Kabinet House has the assortment of styles, finishes and details to let you customize your cabinets as much, or as little, as you like. Whether you’re building, remodeling or redecorating, we’ve got you covered.

Find Your Style

Choose Your Style

Cabinetry is more than storage. It creates an ambiance and is an expression of yourself. Whether the vision is pristine elegance or contemporary drama, it can be realized with Kabinet House. Personalizing the design with details that reflect your taste and your unique style, and your new space will create the perfect setting for your story.

Find by Style »

Learn about our various styles and see which you are.

Find by Room »

Remodeling a specific room? Start here to get inspired.

Design Your Space

Design Your Space

Options are great, but they can also be overwhelming. We’ve developed resources to help you understand how to go about your renovation to ensure your project is a success.

Working with a Professional Designer »

Learn how to prepare for the first meeting.

Design Your Room »

Get busy with these basic design principals.

Plan Your Project

Plan Your Project

The most difficult part of your renovation will be the temporary loss of your kitchen. In many households, the kitchen is where the family comes together before and after meals, to do homework or just for conversation. Your kitchen demolition will make this period difficult for your whole family, but with a little planning, you can make the transition go smoothly. We have a quick guide to provide you a few handy tips that will help with the process.

Measuring Your Space »

A simple guide that will take you through the process of properly measuring your space.

Life Without a Kitchen »

Handy tips to help you manage the process.

Install Your Cabinets

Install Your Cabinets

There’s nothing that can really prepare you to live with your home under construction, but we want to do our best to offer you advice and help wherever we can. That’s why we’ve prepared the helpful information available on our website. From start to finish, we want your project to go smoothly and quickly so you are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Preparing for Construction »

Tips to get you and your project ready.

The Key to a Successful Renovation »

Working with Kabinet House starts things off right.

Enjoy Your Space

Enjoy Your Space

You’ve prepared, designed and planned, made selections and endured installation. Now, the work is complete and your home is exactly the way you dreamed it would be. Our staff will have provided you with care instructions to help you manage and maintain your beautiful new cabinetry. We appreciate your business and hope you are thrilled with the result!

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