Parkplace Cabinets

In a small antique shop near Long Island Sound, our designers spotted a simple, beaded door that inspired the clean, elegant profile found in Park Place. A wider stile and rail… beaded inside profile created a sophisticated look to pair with Maple in Divinity, a mellow white enamel finish …and Midnight Tide, a deep blue enamel with hand-applied Pewter Heirloom Glaze.

The chic Park Place rises above urban modernity… look for extraordinary attention to classic design concepts… line, proportion and color. Shown here in a kitchen designed for multiple cooks… zoned work areas… practical use of space and updated storage using standard wine cubes…

All of our cabinetry doors come in a variety of styles, finishes and wood types. Please call to inquire about specific combinations.

These thumbnails represent just a few of our wood options. Please note: style, finish and wood combinations are subject to availability from the manufacturer.